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BeamBlock revolutionises the way we do yoga today by providing an elevated platform from which to perform stretches resulting in increased flexibility and fitness challenge. The unique shape forces the user to stay focused during the workout while continuously maintaining balance and engaging their core muscles.

The fitness and health market is in steady growth and the BeamBlock system is an interesting innovation because it helps beginners get the best from a gym session but also allows an experienced yoga enthusiast to get more from their class. Thierry is a well established yoga teacher and has the experience and skill to make the BeamBlock a successful business.

Peter Jones CBE
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BeamBlock® transforms the way you workout by guiding you every step of the way. The structure of BeamBlock
allows you to understand when you are doing an exercise right and helps you correct your
position you when you are doing it wrong.

Colour-coded pads

Easy to follow instructions

Flexibility ladders

Stability during hand based stretches

Hexagon-shaped stations

Always correct foot placement


Increased workout intensity



BeamBlock Yoga for Beginners is ideal for anyone who is new to yoga/fitness or returning to exercise after a break. This workout is gentle and simple to understand with greater focus on good technique and alignment.

Understand how your body works


BeamBlock Yoga level 2 is aimed at those who are confident at beginner level and want to try a more challenging workout. This workout blends yoga, balance and fitness like you have never seen before.

Looking for a new challenge?


BeamBlock Yoga level 3 is ideal for those who wish to take their training to the next level. This workout will help you achieve your objectives. You will learn to apply precision and control with every movement you perform.

Improve your performance

Personal Training with Thierry Giunta

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I have created two very distinctive training programmes because some people like yoga and some
just want to improve their fitness and flexibility.

BeamBlock Yoga

A new yoga class using BeamBlock. The workout includes stretching, balancing and strengthening the body. All levels.

BeamBlock Flexibility

A complete flexibility fitness workout using BeamBlock. Ideal for those who need to get fit and stretch but don’t do yoga. All levels.


Group Classes with Thierry Giunta

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Thierry Giunta is a yoga instructor and the founder of BeamBlock. He believed that bringing elevation into a yoga practice could make it more interesting and most importantly more challenging.


To test this theory, he asked his students to place 4 blocks on their mat in the shape of a cross and I started the class by making a bold statement: “Today, your feet are not going to touch the ground”.


The students found the class more physically and mentally challenging. This is how the concept of BeamBlock was born.


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